Brazil - Serve the villages along the Amazon - Trip 2 This Trip Has Openings


Contact Person:
Lucee Price

Application Deadline:
July 15, 2022

Sending Organization:
Northland Church

Brazil - Serve the villages along the Amazon - Trip 2

October 14 - October 22, 2022

Travel down the Amazon on a medical boat, stopping at a different village every day to minister to the needs of the people! You’ll become a part of the village community for the entire day, providing medical treatment, helping with Vacation Bible School, and partaking in construction, door-to-door evangelism, grooming (beauty shop/barber shop) and soccer/sports outreach. You also will be distributing clothing, shoes, toys, personal hygiene products and other supplies to the most needy in the villages. Each day will also include fishing for the famed Peacock Bass!  The day wraps up with a worship service, during which it isn’t uncommon for people to give their lives to Christ or for baptisms to occur in the Amazon River.  

Age: 16+

Team Meetings & Deadlines:

July 17th - $500 deposit due

August 7th - Meeting

September 4th - Meeting

September 25th - Meeting

October 8-9th - Team Commissioning 




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About Brazil

Manaus, a city at the center of much ministry, is a city of great contrasts. Poor slum areas stand next to magnificent structures like the Opera House, and though the people who live in the poorest areas have a beautiful native language, learning to speak and write English is paramount to overcoming their poverty.

Soccer (futbol) is popular in the country. It is not only a passion; it is a way of life. The national Brazilian soccer team has won more titles than any other nation around the globe and soccer players are revered in Brazil as few are. Brazilian youth dream of playing the sport at an international level, bringing honor and glory to their province.

The country’s Amazon region is a dense jungle, home to a wide variety of vegetation and wild- life, as well as an estimated 225,000 Amazonian Indians and millions of others living in the more urban areas of the basin. Nearly half of the 33,000 villages across the Amazon basin lie in Brazil,and most are made up of less than 100 people. Homes are very simple, typically built at the water’s edge and often no more than bare wooden structures on stilts that rise above the river banks for protection against the rising of the tide or flooding. For many residents of the river, fishing is their primary means of survival. Others rely on agriculture for a living. All are living in poverty and without basic “necessities” of life, yet they are joyful and friendly despite their circumstances.

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